General information

PLANES relies on a set of Matlab scripts and is completly open-source.

This tool provides several methods of discretisation for fields and several types of resolution strategies which are listed below.

Methods of discretisation

  • 3 Nodes Triangles (TR3)
  • 6 Nodes Triangles (TR6)
  • Triangle with Hermite interpolation (H12)

Resolution strategies

  • Finite Element Method (FEM)
  • Discontinuous Galerkin Method (DGM)
  • Plane Waves for multilayer systems

Material models

As the main goal of this softare is to provide an easy-to-configure, reliable way to model and resolve complex systems involving porous materials it’s possible to identifying all those different materials/aproximation :

  • air
  • equivalent elastic solid
  • equivalent fluid
  • limp model
  • Biot model (1998 formulation)
  • Biot model (2001 formulation)
  • PML

It is, of course, possible to specify periodicity conditions (for code-simplicity sake, periodicity must be defined on compatible boundaries).

Methods Coupling

Through its quite simple code base and its script-based architecture, PLANES is really flexible and is sometimes used to experiment new techniques. The experimentation on FEM & DGM coupling leaded to the introduction of method coupling abilities.

It’s therefore possible to couple FEM & DGM methods, using compatible or incompatible meshes.