Getting Started

Get the code

As PLANES is in continuous development, the only available version today is on Github.

You can either download the lastest version as a zip file here or get it through Git to stay on the cutting edge

$ git clone

Understanding architecture

In the src/ folder, you’ll find all the scripts, the folders inside src/ have self-explanatory names :

FEM/ & DGM/ & PW/
Implementation of Finite Elements & Discontinuous Galerkin Methods, Plane wave based methods (multilayer)
Material/ & Physics/
Material properties & modelling
Mesh management routines (reading, modification, tagging, etc...)
Output functions
Function to combine, derive, integrate, etc.. polynomials
Problems/ & Solutions/
Directory for m-files describing configurations & analytical solutions of problems (legacy)

The most important for you will be src/Main. This folder contains the main routines, PLANES_main.m for legacy projects & PLANES.m [1] for newer, separate-directory projects.

Other files are initialization, logging and postprocessing routines.

[1]Which contains the PLANES() function.